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Practically Alpha

When I started Practically Alpha, I had a simple goal in mind: I wanted to help men make the changes they always wanted to make. I wanted to show people that becoming the ideal version of themselves didn’t have to be an impossible task.

In the year since I founded this site, my mission has evolved. This isn’t just about helping men improve themselves any more. It’s about teaching people how to make simple, practical changes to create a better mindset. Men and women alike can come here to learn how to be happier, more confident, more fulfilled individuals. I’m not claiming to know some secret to hack your life, but I do know the power of little changes to produce big results.

It’s our moral responsibility as individuals to be happy. Our happiness affects everyone around us, and unhappiness can spread like the plague. If we’re happy, and we act happy around others, then the world will be a better place because of it.

But we don’t have to care about the moral repercussions of our happiness. It’s enough to want to be a better person for your own selfish reasons. If you want to be the kind of man who gets lots of pussy, you’ll still become a better person. If you want to be the kind of woman who gets lots of free gifts and drinks at the bar, you’ll still become a better person. No matter how selfish your reasons for change are, you still want to change for the better. The moral obligation to humanity, the drive to have a mission larger than yourself… those will come later.

My mission is to make other people happier. This blog serves that purpose by demonstrating better methods for creating personal growth. Going forward into the latter half of 2015, my posts will focus more on creating happiness. I’ll be seeking to connect with other people who know the importance of happiness, and I’ll be creating a more involved community of individuals who want to aspire to be better.

Happiness can come from many different places, but they’re all within you. External circumstances are not the source of your happiness… To be happy is to be growing, to be striving towards a goal. If Viktor Frankl can be happy in a Nazi death camp, then people like us can be happy with whatever whatever problems we face every day.

Personal growth is the source of long-term happiness, but short-term happiness is a different monster altogether. Short-term happiness can come from bad things, because our brains are wired to reward us for short-term actions like eating junk food and participating in social media. But we can use those short-term reward circuits to create happiness without the negative effects they’re typically associated with. This blog, and particularly my Youtube channel, will focus on describing methods to trick the brain into feeling better. If we first focus on feeling better, then taking the necessary steps to actually become better will be much easier.

That’s what I’m about. Modern people, particularly in the United States and Europe, are unhappier than ever before. If this trend of depression and stagnation continues, then humanity has no hope for a bright future. Please, whether for selfish reasons or for the betterment of humanity’s future, join me in my quest to show people a better way.

Leave me a comment about something you’ve done that’s helped you grow as a person. Send me a message, tell me how I can improve my message, how to make my content more applicable to your life. Tell me what’s stopping you from being happier, or from making the changes you’ve always wanted to make. I’m available. If there’s something you want to change, let me know. I care about you, and I care about what you have to say. Even if you hate me and everything I stand for, I truly care about you. Let’s move forward together.

Happily yours,
Wolf N. Shepherd


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