The Exponential Growth of the Self


Personal growth. Describing the best methods for growing as a person is one of the primary functions for this blog. There are many aspects of growth, but I’d like to elucidate a particular aspect of it here… The fact is that, like many things, growth tends to spiral out of control. The key here is to put yourself in an ideal environment to produce self-improvement.

What have you done today? That’s the big question you need to ask yourself. Don’t fucking bother with what you’re going to do next month if you aren’t already on top of what you are doing RIGHT NOW to advance your goals. Procrastination is rampant in our society. The internet, alongside a multitude of other causes, has given us infinite instant gratification. The first step towards personal growth is to banish your dependence on the feelings of gratification, validation, and satisfaction you get from social media (or booze, drugs, masturbation, etc.). Set your sights on doing something today that is conducive to your goals for the future.

Once you’re working on the elements of your life that actually matter, you will notice that you look forward to the progress you will be making in the future. Too often in life, we do things simply because we’re supposed to. When we wake up in the morning without a cause to wholeheartedly put our energy towards, we fall into a stagnant idleness that breeds a feeling of contempt towards ourselves and the lives we find ourselves drifting through. Stagnation is the enemy of success. To prevent stagnation, we simply must engage exclusively in activities which we are passionate about.

Passion is key to exponential growth. I’ll write more about this in the future, but I’ll say now that if you don’t really care about something you’ll never improve as a person. This can be anything, as long as you believe in something. Be strong, passionate, and dedicated to whatever course you take in life. If you find yourself doing something just because you’re supposed to, ask yourself what you’d rather be doing. Quit your soul-sucking job and chase whatever “stupid dream” society has told you was impossible. The same people who tell you “you can’t” and the same idiots who work 9-5 jobs for dickbrain bosses they can’t stand. The only one who cares about you is YOU; start acting like it.

The key here is that not only to always be working towards something you care about, but also have an internal definition of success. If you rely on outside sources for approval, you will constantly be disappointed. No matter how good you are at what you do, other people will always fail to provide adequate validation due to jealousy, incompetence, or apathy. By framing our mind as “becoming”, rather than “producing”, we will always succeed. If today you are closer to becoming your ideal future self, you have succeeded. Always remember that.

Again, growing into the person you want to be will not be easy. It’ll be hard work, but here’s the most important part…

Difficulty is irrelevant.

The ONLY factor that matters here is whether what we’re doing is worth it. If you complain that becoming the person that you truly know you are meant to be is “too hard”, you clearly are not meant for great things. If you want to be a writer, then write. Whatever you want to do, do it TODAY. Disregard your thoughts of difficulty; if you’re working on achieving the thing that you really, truly desire, any work that brings you closer to that goal will be worth doing. This is essential, my friends. The simple act of doing worthwhile work is the most basic component of personal growth. The reason so many people hate their lives is that they slave away every day to get a paycheck. Their work is a meaningless number on a spreadsheet; the worst fate you can face is slavery of the mind. Carry fear in your heart of the robotic stagnation that comes with indentured servitude to an indifferent corporate master. Never forget why growing into the best version of yourself is important; always remember your mission.

Growth, passion, and dedication are the three ingredients that add up to an explosion of productivity. Forget about postponing the things that must be done. Shut up and do it. If you are like me, you are damn sick of being told how to live by an ignorant society. Do what really matter in life, and ignore haters who shit on your dreams.

If you’re satisfied with a mediocre life, coasting towards death one paycheck at a time, then I’m happy for you. People like me can’t exist without people like that supporting the infrastructure. However, I will never live in a world where I am not constantly forging myself into something a little closer to perfect. I’ll never stop getting better, and neither should you. Remember that you are the only one in your life that matters. Never neglect yourself; remember that working to refine yourself into something greater is the most worthwhile work in the world.

You will fail many times before you ever achieve the success you desire. Your failures will refine you into a being far greater, one capable of smashing through the barriers that hold back so many others. For every failure, count two victories in the future. When you fail, you gain a strength that can only be gained by trying and failing. This is an essential stage of growth, and it is possibly the most difficult. Never forget in your weakest moments that only by being shown how great our weaknesses are can we finally overcome them.

Ignite a fire in yourself that screams for MORE. Always be thinking of ways to improve. Never let your enemies drag you down. Your endless quest for success will begin incredibly slowly. Over time, you’ll notice a subtle change in your mind. You’ll hunger for more, to achieve more every single day. You’ll burn with the desire to become what you’ve always known you could be. Soon, that burning desire, that result of your great strides towards growth, will become an exponential explosion of improvement in every aspect of your life. It’s hard, but you don’t care any more. It seems endless, but now you’ve gone from dreading your labors to taking joy in your improvements. Suddenly you look up to see that the endless mountain you’ve been climbing has a peak. You’re on your way there, my friends. Your climb begins now.

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