Thoughts on Productivity


Many of you out there probably beat yourself up trying to force yourself to do things that are beneficial to you. You say to yourself, “I should go to the gym more”, or “I should read a book instead of jerking off to tentacle porn all day”. These are natural thoughts, as most of us are constantly in an endless cycle of worthless media and instant gratification. Here’s what you need to do in order to break this cycle:

Find things that are good for you that you actually like.

I know, right? Seems pretty simple; you’d think people would do this on their own. Unfortunately, most people just aren’t in the habit of doing things that are both healthy (in whatever way) and enjoyable. Instead, some guys force themselves to hit the gym, hating every minute of it. Some people starve themselves trying to get thin, then eventually binge-eat 24 donuts.

Trying to force yourself to be productive is the perfect way to become unproductive. 

Personally, I really enjoy jogging in the park. I love feeling the fresh air on my face. Running has always been my favorite form of exercise. Something about the way you lose yourself in the heat of it resonates with me. Other guys love to play basketball at the gym. If fucking street luge or parkour is your jam, then get out there and do that shit. Find the type of exercise that you love doing, whether it’s mud wrestling, skeet shooting or pole-vaulting.The way to NOT get into shape is to force yourself to drudge through a workout that you flat out don’t enjoy.

This line of thinking translates perfectly into anything you want to do. Figure out what the thing is that means something to you. Most people already have some “dream” that they think of or dream about while they waste their lives at their day-job. When you begin to chase that dream, you’ll feel a surge of productive energy that you’ve never felt before. Quit doing useless shit that doesn’t help you in some way, and turn that time into useful hours of work towards achieving your goal. When you put your time towards becoming the best version of yourself, you’ll find yourself enjoying the time you spent working on it. You’ll find yourself simply enjoying life more, and that’s something worth working for.

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