Greed is good


People are stupid. We see what we want to see. We ignore the things we don’t want to believe are there. Our society is programmed to drudge through life without questioning our surroundings. However, this is not a practical method for living life. Men must break free of societal conditioning to realize the true state of things in their environment. We can apply this line of thinking to social interactions, though the implications are broader.

In general, people want more for themselves. People tend to want a bare minimum of “equality”, but we’d all prefer to have a big house than a small one. The current zeitgeist in this country, however, suggests that each citizen should do his best to further the Great American Dream. A wife, kids, self-loathing and a white picket fence. Naturally, the Dream holds slightly different promises for women, but that’s a whole other issue.

These parts of our mentality as Americans seem opposed, and they are. Through religion, law and grandmothers (a dying breed), a great belief is inculcated in us of the Common Good. This status quo of every person doing their part equally throughout society is a logical fallacy. Naturally, some will exploit the opportunity available in any system they’re placed in. Further, unless you’re a Buddhist monk, you probably have desires for worldly objects such as power or affection, in any of their respective forms. A huge majority of men these days simply accept the reality that they’re been spoon-fed their whole life. They work in jobs they hate, slowly growing old. They die fat, sad and alone.

Meanwhile men who seem like vagabonds, men who should be despised for so drastically breaking the societal mold, live awash in a sea of choices for potential mates. These men who are breaking the rules of society, who often have trouble with Authority, are perceived as whatever people may wish to see. Some hate them for going against the established norms. Others adore them, wishing to cast off the chains of oppression placed upon them by a predatory social hierarchy.

I am a vagabond, and I am proud of it. I do not accept my forced slavery to society. I will not work a job I despise to pay for a house I don’t want. One day I’ll settle down, however, I will not be coerced into spending my prime years of Manhood squelched by the feminine imperative. This life I have chosen is clearly not for everyone. Nations rise and fall on the power of their citizens. Similarly, the only reason I can thrive in this broken system is the labor of the expendable state of Sheep-Men who work at “an honest job”. These men toil to be a “Good Man”. They “Do The Right Thing”. These men do these things because they’ve always been told that this was the right way.
Spoiler alert boys: the only right way to go in this world is the way your gut tells you. Some of us are called to travel the world and find out just what the wide world has to offer us. Others of us are called to establish a legacy, to carve a lasting slice out of the world for ourselves and for those who come after us. In the end it doesn’t matter much what you want out of life, as long as you get out there and chase it. The world will never allow you to have whatever that thing is that you’ve always longed for. You must aspire to take it. Figure out whatever that thing you want is and cast off your Sheep-Man-Shackles. Reject the establishment, become a vagabond, and work to achieve the dream you’ve always been told was impossible.

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