Calm, cool, and collected


Greetings friends. Let’s talk about keeping our heads in the game.

We all want to be successful, whether in relationships, work, or our private ambitions. Unfortunately, many of us can get stuck in a cyclical negative mindset. Obsessing over the things in your life that you can’t have, whatever they might be, benefits nobody. Think instead on how you’re going to fix whatever problems can be fixed. Cast out your mental focus on these detriments; it will bring you no joy to wallow in your misfortunes. Remind yourself of the good things in your life. Remind yourself that you are truly someone worth being. If anyone does not like you, does not appreciate you, or disrespects you, they are no longer a concern. Move on with your life. If that person turns into a threat, you can then deal with them accordingly. Judge others by their benefit to you, and do not succumb to illogical flights of fancy.

Think of the last person you saw who made you feel happy when you were around them. Think about what that felt like. If people don’t give you that feeling, what other benefit are they providing you? Is it worth the investment? Are they actually worth your time?

Focus, gentlemen. Take three deep breaths. Learn about meditation. Focus on that thing that lives in the back of your mind, that little voice that knows exactly what you want in life. Feed that voice, and ignore the rest of the world. The only person who matters in the whole wide world is YOU, my friends. YOU are the only one who really, truly will always be there with your best interest at heart. Remember that, and focus your energies into forging yourself into a weapon to fight off the forces that oppress you.

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